Gulf State Park  Activities Schedule

All activities are free to guests staying in the park and a $2 charge per vehicle to enter the campground for non-guests unless otherwise indicated.


Saturday 8/19

 8:30 AM - Drop in Yoga Class at the Beach Pavilion. $10 drop in fee- Free to our overnight guests.

10:00 AM – Video:  Is That Skunk? (60 min.) Skunks seem perfectly adapted to life around us. But we are less comfortable around them, for fear of their potent spray. Meet at the GSP Education Building for this program.

1:00 PM –Video: Leave it to Beavers: (60 min.) Discover the fascination story of the beavers of North America. Learn about their history, near extinction, and current comeback. Meet at the GSP Education Building for this program.

5:00 PM – 8:00 PM – Music at the Pier – Everyone is invited to listen to a live music presentation at “Angler’s at the Pier”.

Sunday 8/20

 10:00AM - Camper Devotion:  Meet at the Camp Store Pavilion. (non-denominational & casual)

1:00 PM –Video: The Beauty of Ugly: In the animal world looks aren’t everything. In fact, some of the most aesthetically challenged creatures - from warthogs and proboscis monkeys to bull elephant seals - are also the most fascinating. Meet at the GSP Education Building for this program.

Monday 8/21

10:00 AM - Guided Pier Walk: Meet at the Gulf State Park Fishing Pier concession stand for a free guided tour along the pier. Our Naturalist will talk about some amazing facts about the pier as well as point out various wild life in the water and around the pier.

2:00 PM - Bugs and Insects Learn new and exciting facts about some of the creepy crawlies that live in Gulf State Park. This 1 hour program allows you to up get close and personal with some unique insects. Meet at the Education Building. There is a $2 charge per vehicle to enter the campground. Free to all guest staying in the park.

Tuesday 8/22

Visit the Nature Center to see the myriad of animals that inhabit Gulf State Park.

8:00AM - Pier Fishing 101 (First Session): -Beginner’s course on pier fishing. Learn safety, regulations, how to set up gear, pick bait, and fish from the Gulf State Park Pier. Free program but if you intend to fish please obtain saltwater fishing license in advance.  Purchase online “ saltwater-recreational-licenses”. Program cancelled in event of lightening.

9:00AM - Pier Fishing 101 (Second Session):  -See above.

Wednesday 8/23

10:00 AM – Beach Creature Feature - Meet at the Education Building to learn about some of the local sea life found in the Gulf of Mexico.  If you have something you have collected along the beach shore, bring it along and we will help you to identify it.

11:00 AM — Eco Art: Join us at the Camp Store Pavilion to participate in an art project/craft that highlights a natural aspect of the Park. (New crafts each week.)

2:00 PM - Ducks of Alabama: Learn some interesting facts about the ducks that spend time in Alabama. This presentation by the park naturalist will include details about duck habitat and behavior. Meet at the Education Building for this program.

6:30 PM – Praise @ the Pavilion: Everyone welcome! Meet at Gulf State Park Beach Pavilion for free children’s craft, watermelon, lemonade, and tea.

 8:00 PM - Star Gazing at the Pier: Meet at the foot of the Pier near the turtle for a guided exploration of the sky, stars, planets and constellations. Weather dependent- if stars are not visible program is cancelled for that week.   

Thursday 8/24

Visit the Nature Center to see the myriad of animals that inhabit Gulf State Park.

9:00 AM – Guided Kayaking Tour: Join us at Lake Shelby for a one hour guided kayaking tour to explore the basics of kayaking and a short trip around the lake. $20 includes single kayak, lifejacket. Limited spaces available so please call for reservation. 251-948-7275 dial 9 then ext. 2128  

Friday 8/25

9:00 AM - Geo Caching 101: Geocaching is a world-wide treasure hunt that combines a little bit of technology with exploring the great outdoors.  Come to the Education Building along with a handheld GPS or Smartphone. After the class we will apply what you have learned in the campground.

10:00 AM - Snake Encounters: Visit the Nature Center to learn all about our native snakes. You will learn how to identify the local venomous species and why these creatures are an important part of our environment. Bring a camera and get your picture touching a snake.

11:00 AM- Exploring Coastal Creatures: Meet at the foot of the pier to learn about and get up close with creatures found in Gulf of Mexico.

2:00 PM - Owl Encounter - Visit the Education Building to learn all about some amazing facts about owls. We will have our resident owls out for pictures!









Please Recycle: There are Recycling Bins available for plastic, paper and aluminum available in the Campground Parking Lot near the Tennis Courts. 

Please DO NOT put plastic grocery bags in recycle