Cheaha State Park

Cheaha Holiday Ornament Hunt

Event Dates:
December 1, 2021, 8:00 am
December 25, 2021, 7:00 pm
Cheaha Holiday Ornament Hunt

Holiday Ornament Hunt

December 1-25, 2021

Appalachian Christmas treasure hunt. Ornaments will be hidden in public areas across the park and traded for holiday prizes. Hotel discount Sun-Thursday 20% off (Hotel only- does not apply to weekends-December 1-29, 2021)


 Ornament seekers, once you make your holiday ornament discovery, please take a photo of yourself with your found ornament inside Cheaha State Park and email it to before you claim your prize at the Mountain Store.

Prizes include stays in the Cliffside Hotel, stays in the Cheaha campgrounds, and merchandise from the Cheaha Mountain Store.


Special Lodging Offer:
Hotel discount Sun-Thursday 20% off (Hotel only- does not apply to weekends-December 1-29, 2021)discount (not applicable for cabins, chalets, or camping; minimum 2 night stay required)

2021 Holiday Ornament Hunt FAQs:

Q: What is a Holiday Ornament Treasure?
A: A clear plastic ornament can be redeemed for a specific prize!
Q: How much does it cost to hunt?
A: Nothing for overnight guests; there is a park entrance fee per person for day guests. ($5 per adult; $2 per child/senior; Free for Veterans/Active Military with ID)
Q: I found a clear plastic ornament! What do I do now?
A: Congratulations! Take a picture with your clear plastic ornament and email to the Park Naturalist at then go to the Cheaha Mountain Store which is open to the public 7 am – 9 pm seven days per week. There, you’ll exchange it for the Holiday Ornament Hunt Treasure that matches the numbered tag in your clear plastic ornament. You will complete a claim form, provide photo ID, receive your Holiday Ornament Treasure. A photo ID is required to claim a Mountain Treasure. Only one Holiday Ornament Treasure per person per event. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult/guardian.
Q: How many Holiday Ornament Treasures may I claim?
A: The goal is to allow as many guests as possible to enjoy the hunt. With this in mind, only one Holiday Ornament Treasure can be claimed per person per day.
Q: How many Holiday Ornament Treasures will be hidden?
A: We will hide 3 clear plastic ornaments per day.
Q: What time are they hidden?
A: Any time. Park Buddies will hide clear plastic ornaments throughout the day, and the time frames vary daily.
Q. What are the dates for this year’s Holiday Ornament Hunt?
A. Holiday Ornament Hunt runs December 1-25, 2021. (Remember, park trails close at sunset daily.)
Q: What happens if I find a Holiday Ornament Hunt after December 25?
A: While all Holiday Ornament Hunt Ornaments will be hidden before noon on December 25, some may be left behind. A clear plastic ornament with the appropriate number/tag information can be redeemed through January 1, 2022. After that, ornaments are considered void.
Q: How will I know when all the Mountain Treasures have been claimed?
A: We will continuously be updating our Facebook page for the 2021 Holiday Ornament Hunt and our staff will have updates at noon and 4 pm daily.
Q: Where should I look for Holiday Ornament Treasures?
A: All over Cheaha State Park! Ok, not the WHOLE park… You will ONLY find them in common areas like the Cheaha Lake Recreational Area, Cheaha Public Trails, Cheaha Education Village, Picnic Areas, Vista Cliffside Restaurant area, etc. Holiday Ornament Hunt ornaments are always “hidden” in plain sight and NEVER off-the-beaten path. Ornaments will NEVER be hidden in the water, the marsh, off established paths, near rental facilities such as cabins, chalets, or campsites, or on residential property.
Q: Is there anywhere I should NOT look?
A: Even better question! You won’t find them in the water, off established paths, or on residential property. Park Buddies always “hide” ornaments in common areas, in plain sight.
Q: Is there a strategy I should employ?
A: No, Holiday Ornament Hunt is about being at the right place at the right time. It comes down to luck and timing. Whether you find an ornament or not, we hope you’ll enjoy the real treasure that is Cheaha State Park and see this new annual tradition as an opportunity to explore YOUR park!
Q: Who hides the ornaments?
A: Volunteers. Their identity is a secret and they’re very sneaky! (Please do not follow park guests watching to see if they hide an ornament. They will be in stealth mode!)

This treasure hunt is for park overnight guests and park day guests only. Park staff, staff families, and park volunteers (VIPS and Ornament Buddies) are not eligible to participate.