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Cheaha Falls in the Talladega National Forest
Cheaha Bald Rock Trail
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Cheaha Pinhoti Trail
Hiking Bald Rock

Hiking Trails

Hiking and Biking Trail Map


New Legacy Partners in EE Story Trails

Thanks to funding through a grant from Legacy Partners in Environmental Education, Cheaha State Park has enhanced and improved three of our most popular trails: Leave No Trace Trail, Laurel Trail, and the CCC Time Traveler Driving Tour.  The primary goal is to promote wellness, environmental literacy, nature connections, and outdoor recreation opportunities for all park guests. 


-Bald Rock Trail                                                        0.3 mi

    There are 2 paths that lead out to Bald Rock Outlook, a boardwalk and a dirt trail on either side of the boardwalk. We invite all to bask in the beauty of nature at Bald Rock Outlook.


-Pulpit Rock Trail                                                      0.3 mi

    This trail has some steep terrain, but it takes you to a beautiful scenic outlook. Pulpit Rock is a popular rappelling area. Rappelling/rock climbing is only permissible in the park with a permit. For more information or to obtain a permit, go to the Cheaha State Park Country Store.


-Mountain Laurel Trail                                              1.4 mi

    The Mountain Laurel Trail wanders along a streambank in a beautiful laurel thicket out to Rock Garden Outlook. This outlook showcases the beauty of Talladega National Forest and has very few man-made structures within view.


Shinrin-Yoku (Forest Air Bathing aka Taking in the Forest) Wellness Trail
Location: Mountain Laurel Trail

Forest immersion and ecotherapy experiences with prompts to inspire a mindful experience and to unlock the health benefits of time spent in nature.


-Lake Trail                                                                  1.0 mi

    The Lake Trail connects Cheaha Lake to Rock Garden. This trail is very steep and rugged. It is a fun and challenging trail, but make sure you have proper footwear for tackling this trail.


-Leave No Trace Bigfoot Trail                                  0.5 mi

    The Leave No Trace Bigfoot Challenge Trail connects the CSP Motel to the highest point in Alabama. As you climb to the highest point, you have a chance to learn how to help us take care of the woods. There are LNT teaching signs scattered along the trail. There are also Bigfoot Cutouts scattered along the trail. How many Bigfoot will you see?


Tim Haney Sensory Trail

Location: Leave No Trace Bigfoot Trail
Nature connections with inspirational quotes and prompts on how to listen, smell, look, touch and explore Cheaha State Park.  


-Fisherman's Trail                                                     0.6 mi 

    The Fisherman’s Trail wraps around Cheaha Lake. This is a nice trail for finding the right fishing hole, exploring the park, or enveloping yourself in nature.

Park trail maps are sold for $2.00 in the Mountain Store.


Waterfall Trails

There are two seasonal waterfalls inside the state park boundary:

CCC Reservoir Falls (manmade Cheaha Quartzite dam)
Laurel Falls which flows off the vista at the overlook at the end of Laurel Trail
Park entrance fee required (Veterans Free)


There are three waterfalls located just a short distance from the park in the Talladega National Forest.
There may be a USFS parking fee to access these trails. Stop by Cheaha Country Store for a map.


Cheaha Falls (Access from the Turnip Seed Parking Area...hike down Chinnabee Silent Trail)
High Falls (a three-tiered waterfall reached by a moderately difficult trail and accessible by a rock wall

Devil's Den (Access from the Lake Chinnabee Recreation Area-Parking lot closed during winter) USFS Parking Fee Required $3.00

Watch our EVENTS Calendar for annual waterfall hikes and tours. 


Hiking Tips

-Wear appropriate clothes/ footwear for the season.

-Pack water and snacks in your day pack.

-Stay on the trail.

-The trails close when the sun sets, so make sure you give yourself enough time to finish your hike.

-Watch your step. There are many rocks, roots, and stumps that line our mountainous terrain.

-Have fun exploring the beauty of Cheaha State Park!

Leave No Trace Wilderness Ethics

Once upon a time this area was so covered with trees that a man could walk for days through a forest before seeing sunlight. Nature provides resources for us to use and survive, but it is also the home for countless animals and plants.  

“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul alike. “- John Muir

 Enjoy the scenic wild spirit of Cheaha, but make sure to leave some wild for others to enjoy!


The 7 Leave No Trace Wilderness Ethics 

-Plan Ahead and Prepare

-Travel and Camp on

Durable Surfaces

-Dispose of Waste Properly

-Leave What You Find

-Minimize Campfire Impacts

-Respect Wildlife

-Be Considerate of Other  Visitors


If your child loves nature, Cheaha is the perfect place for your next birthday celebration.


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