Oak Mountain State Park

Rental Pavilions and Meeting Space

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Pavilion reservations can be made up to one year in advance of the day you want to book (ex. if you want July 4th, 2017, you would call on July 4th, 2016 to book).


Come enjoy a picnic at the many pavilions located at Oak Mountain State Park. Whether you want a cozy area for a few or a gathering place for 100, we are the place for you. We have small pavilions for intimate gatherings or large pavilions for family reunions.


Oak Mountain State Park has eight large pavilions that can accommodate up to 150 individuals, three up to 40 individuals, three up to 20 individuals and four up to 10 individuals located throughout the park. This does not mean that they will seat that many people. Picnic pavilions may be reserved for your group by calling 205-620-2524.  We accept pavilion reservations up to one year in advance.


Cancellation Policy for Pavilions: Reservation payments for pavilions can not be refunded, however, you may move your reservation to another date that is available with a minimum of 72 hours notice.


Amplified musical equipment is NOT allowed unless approved by the park management.


Caterers are allowed in the park, to include "Moon Walks" & similar items. "Moon walks" must have their own generator. Please advise us if you are using one at the time of your reservation to confirm that this is possible. All food caterers MUST have a business license with the City of Pelham. This license can be obtained by visiting Pelham City Hall. 


Pavilion rental rates are the following:


Name                                                    Size                                Price        

Magnolia/Sycamore                              150                                 $175

Sandpiper                                             150                                 $175

Kingfisher                                              20                                   $53

Clover                                                   10                                   $32

Dandelion                                             10                                   $32

Goldenrod                                             10                                   $32

Sunflower                                              10                                   $32

Oak Room                                             40                                   $287

Bluebird                                                 40                                   $99

Blue Jay                                                40                                   $99

Cardinal                                                 40                                    $99

Cedar                                                    150                                  $175

Dogwood                                              150                                  $175

Lakeside                                               150                                  $175

Honeysuckle                                         20                                    $53

Buckeye                                                20                                   $53

Redbud                                                150                                  $175

White Oak                                            150                                  $175

Fishing Center                                      150                                 $175

Beaver                                                   20                                   $53

Mallard                                                   20                                   $53

Oak Mountain Interpretive Center           50                                   $150 


Meeting Room

Oak Mountain State Park has one meeting room for rent. The meeting room is located at the back of the Park Office. This room has four 8 foot rectangular tables, three 6 foot rectangular tables, & 1 small round tables. 50 chairs are also included with this room. The tables are already set out, however the chairs are not. They are stacked against the wall. We ask that you leave the room as you found it when you arrived.

The Park Office Meeting Room is for Meetings ONLY! We have other places for rent to have picnics, birthday parties, reunions, & much more.

There are no cooking facilities associated with this room. However, you may bring food in. The room has several electrical outlets located throughout. The room is heated & cooled. Bathrooms are located in the Park Office, for ease of use.

Garbage cans are provided with extra garbage bags. Renter is responsible for replacing tables & chairs as outlined above, bagging all garbage, & leaving the room in the same condition as it was.

The cost to reserve this room is $149.00. Payment is made the day you make the reservation. The Park Office Meeting Room needs to be rented through the Reservations Office at 205-620-2524. The price of rental does not include the admission fee per person.

The time period for meeting room use is 9a.m. until 3:45p.m.


Day Use Admission Fees: Gates Take Cash Only 

Adults (12 & up):  $5
Seniors (age 62+): $2
Children (4-11): $2
Children 3 & under: No charge

With park management approval, special arrangements can be made to pay the day use fee at one time. This is only allowed for large groups & each person must present a ticket (provided by the renter) to the gate attendant when entering the park. Ask for a Letter of Intent.